Tuesday, September 16, 2008

what to wear

i'm only still posting because other than that I have to fold laundry, hand up wet washing and then finally, the procrastination will be over and I really have to decide:
a) what to wear tomorrow night
b) what to take to wear on Thursday and what to take to wear on Thursday evening
c) what i'm taking to Nottinghamshire at the weekend. What i'm wearing, what i'm showing, what i'm leaving there to create space here
d) what i'm taking to Cayman next week

Which is all pretty cool barring the washing part But my head is full already because i'm already mentally packing for Peru which is even cooler!

i'm a lucky lady and no mistaking it.


Mrs. G. said...

Have fun!

Keetha said...

To me, the worst part of a trip is packing. The best part is coming home. So maybe I'm just not much of a traveler. :-)