Tuesday, November 18, 2008


of the century, be gone!
i've given you over 24 hours now, why aren't you satisfied?

It is distracting me from my recession beating oscar winning 'i love this job' performance. I'm pretty much figuring i have to fake it til I make it.

I am also SCANDALISED because the BBC are using Jeff Buckley's gorgeous version of Hallelujah to advertise On Demand TV. No no no no no no no.
With a large side order of NO.

The whole TV has gone to far, she typed, looking at CSI Miami over the top of the laptop screen. oooo they're in Brasil. It looks gorgeous in Rio.
Uber dangerous in places, i don't doubt.
Although visits to South America are fraught with such tales and indeed realities.

None of which helps my head but then again I guess remembering my fabulous holiday does help.

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