Monday, November 17, 2008

I do fear the romance

in the real world, I'm not very gifted at the boy girl business.
I put it off for a long time as a callow teen and then applied my usual jumping right in techniques, a habit which has not lessened in the intervening decade and a bit.
i'm either impartial to the point of appearing disinterested or up to my neck in it.

But I love things that are romantic.
i devoured Mills and Boon when I was younger, but came to prefer Silhouette as they seemed to be at it in a regular life affirming sort of a way, while M & B thundered towards a 'get knocked up, get pregnant' kind of domesticity that didn't really make bells ring for this girl.

And I love Pioneerwoman's tales of getting together.

But mostly i'm getting to my favourite bit ever of Star Trek Voyager. When Tom Parris and B'Elanna Torres get together. He's the impulsive pilot, she's the repressed half klingon. Brilliant stuff. They nearly die in spacesuits before she tells him she loves him.
now there's a scenario that I can get behind.

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