Friday, January 16, 2009

Check it, midnight ish blogging - snaps!

And so it is that i'm taking a break from dancing around my house in brown merino tights, listening to Beyonce and Christina Aguillera and Bruce Springsteen through proper hot pink full on headphones to check in with you folks.
Sorry I've been away. My Peru Bolivia trip was so utterly fabulous that it underlined some areas of displeasure in the regular day to day and i didn't really feel like rocking the blog.
But i'm back and i'm now back in full flow.

Tomorrow i have a full day tutorial which means that the ocean of fruit flavour beer that has, in tandem with intensely superior company, been on offer this evening, may seem like a less great idea. But hey, the tutor isn't my number one fan anyhow.

Number one fans are a tad thin on the ground however i have to say that the main contenders, select few that they are, make up for scarcity in terms of quality.

My cup runneth over, as ever.

i'm blessed with the greatest friends and impromptu counsellors on this fair green planet. This year I'm going to try and actualise on their words a little more.

And i'm going to believe the GOOD stuff that life flings my way, not just the 'you're a bit rubbish really' items. Not that both might not be valid, but more, all wild emotion in balance if possible.
Although I might keep the wilder parts between me and their cause, wherever possible. Or I'll have to change me readership, no?

Peace out my beautiful ones. Be excellent to yourselves and set the tone for others.

I have a whole week to run around in my pants while my house mate is in the States, welcoming in the age of Obama.

And then, SNIFF, he's gonna find a flat with his lady and land me right in it. This love business is all very marvellous for the players but dash it all,i don't want a new housie. I like this one. He's bright, weird, funny, clever, makes excellent tea, teases me, bosses me about sometimes and is an excellent cook.
yes, selfishly, i'm lamenting the impending end of being spoiled without even having to put out occasionally.
Please note, his bird is top notch too. She cooked spanish omelette like a native, appropriately, given that she's from Madrid.
I think they're both in safe hands.
But i will miss them and their bantering ways.

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