Monday, January 19, 2009

strong enough to cry?

I'm fairly sure that weakness has come up as a theme in these hallowed yet not frequently enough update pages before.

I hate leaning on people. Which in itself is another weakness because your nearest and dearest cannot support you if you don't clue them in to what you need.

So after the friday night lecture - much needed, much appreciated, one of the few people who could lecture me effectively, i'm actually feeling stronger.
But i still think i'm going to call someone about going for counselling proper over the situation with my dad and how globally vulnerable that has made me . It's leached into other areas and stolen my mojo a bit.
Which is only natura but still, who wants to be mojo less?

PS this is mild procrastination in the run up to lunch break - yep you got it, it's assignment time again. But shhhh. I think it's going to go relatively smoothly!

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