Monday, April 06, 2009

Conneries (and I don't mean little off spring of Sean)

Rather in the french sense
of extreme gross stupidity.


playing cards with your i pod when you've got work to do
Or then being inordinately pleased to find that there's a second series of the marvellous French police drame Spiral (Engrenages) and praying that BBC Four put it on. They're re showing the first series.

And I'm not watching it because I'm blogging about it.

The first series was excellent. I love listening to French. That's what frustrates me about the Spanish listening stuff I've downloaded to me i pod. Every 30 seconds it goes back into English. I'd rather have 5 minutes of Spanish and then some English.

LoMas Tv is probably the way forwards for me.

But I digress.

Gregory Fitoussi.

That's all i'm saying

you can keep the cast of Mad Men, just give him to me!
He looks tres francais ici, non? Even in a Yorkshire flat cap.

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