Tuesday, April 07, 2009

no sobbing

just a steady river
droplets that collect in that funny dip under your nose
streaks that stretch from the corner of your eyes
right down to meet under your chin so they can drip

crying silently is an art.
you perfect it if you cry at movies.

Or if perhaps you view crying as a sign of weakness and patheticness, UNLESS you are joining in with someone. (YES as Dolly Parton said in Steel Magnolias 'no one cries alone in my presence'.)

I have felt, for some time, that i might feel better if i cried

I have however curtailed such activity as i know that when i start to cry on that front, it will not be a gentle rain, a sudden scattered shower, but rather a deluge.
A torrent.
Such a storm as withdraws hurricane names from use.
And the worst of it is that at some point I would have to stop.

So instead, I cried at the final episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Farewell my sweet Ferengis.
My wrinkly nosed Bajorans
My pasty foreheaded Klingons

Au revoir Captain Sisco

Another great ensemble piece with a strong cast with good friendships.
And that's all any of us can hope for really

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