Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The heart wants what it wants

Like this for instance.

And one or two other red headed freckley guys. But NOT all of them.

And this dude, and his Biffy co-horts, who have got me through some times this year and probably have more work to do yet.

oo new single tonight on Zane Lowe show boys. Exciting

But the other thing that i'd like is another language.

Yes, I'm finally so perverse that the problems of effectively communicating with a man in my own language are insufficient. I'd like to do it all in a different one please.

i'd like to grasp for words and hide my point under mispronunciation.

And I'd like to marvel at olive-y skin, being that i'm so pasty white.

Shallow, isn't it.

Ah well.

While I'm being shallow, here's Jensen.

He's American so it's almost a different language.

And Texan so he'll look excellent in jeans

Maybe he speaks Spanish....

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