Monday, July 13, 2009

SFW or A Grief Observed in the Noughties

There's a few things on my mind tonight, not least my landlord and the apparent rent increase that's coming my way. Colour me totally unkeen and rather brassed off.

I went for a short run earlier. That was good, only because I don't do it often enough, I feel heavy legged, like I ran for ages. But still. From little acorns eh?

And finally, I'm going write about my pre-grief and grief with some running stuff mixed in a quite a lot of music i shouldn't wonder, in an update of CS Lewis' A Grief Observed sort of thing (I imagine, never having read the original but having ordered it online today).
THis will be a release, get me into the solid practice of creation and hopefully be a useful sieve.

And I was going boxing tomorrow but now I'm going down the boozer with my old housemate and going boxing on Thursday instead. Yipee. I can't wait.
By Thursday, I totally guarantee i will want to hit something multiple times, very HARD indeed.

Peace out folks

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