Monday, July 20, 2009

Random questionnaire that Payne posted on Facebook

Two names you go by?Fordy. Kitty
Have you ever been given a rose ?Yep, got one in maths one year. It was actually more of a publicity stunt for the sender
Have you ever licked a photo?On occasion. I blame Johnny Depp
Have you ever been in love?It was so long ago that I might be remembering it wrong
Do you believe that everyone has a soul-mate?I’m skeptical. I believe that there must be multiple people that you could be happy with. Even though there don’t seem to be any people that I can be romantically happy with.
What's your current problem?Health issues. Other people. Cash and the lack of.Have you ever had your heart broken?It’s been kicked a bit. I’ve had my pride and sense of self broken, if that counts.
Do you have a crush?On Stockard Channing? Course.
How many kids do you want to have?This is a thorny subject for me. I would like one but that may not be possible, let alone likely.
What is/are your favorite colors?Black, brown, green, purple, red
Have you ever found it hard to tell anyone you like them?Not really. I just come out with it. It’s seldom reciprocated and that gives you a sense of bravery because if you’re not expecting reciprocation there’s nothing to lose.
Imagine you're 40 & your husband/wife just died would you get re-married?I don’t intend to get married at all. And I’ve left it relatively late. So it’s hard to tell. I’m quite pragmatic about things so yeah, it’s possible that if I get started, I’ll be totally Elizabeth Taylor about it.What song do you want played at your wedding?She’s On It by the Beastie BoysDo you like/love anyone?Many peopleDo you think the person you like/love loves/likes you back?Some of ‘em know and love me.
Has anyone ever wrote a song/love letter to you?Love letters – maybe . Along time ago.
Do you want to get married?Not really bothered. I’d like a full time person to be important to.
Are you a shy person?Sometimes
Did you have a good day today?Dunno. It’s still early. So far I’ve nearly overlaid, bus terminated early, just after I realised I had my top on inside out and then it’s a work day so that signs are there for badness. Mostly I’m mentally reorganising my bedroom.
Where did you just get back from?the loo?If you could change anything what would it be?I would do more, generally.
I wouldn’t have let go of my fine exercise practices because coming back is so hard.
Would you ever go back to any of your past relationship?Those ships have sailed.Who's the closest person/people to you?Hard to say
What's the thing you love most about the person you love?That they haven’t give up yet.
If someone asked you what you wanted, what would you say?Independent wealth. It wouldn’t resolve anything but it would make the day to day much easier
When and where was your default taken?In a bar in Germany. Giessen Vier Rule.
Are you wearing anything that doesn't belong to you?This is me ma’s t shirt. I had it on inside out earlier. Welcome to MondayWhat are you wearing?Boots, socks, brown stripey trousers, red posh t shirt, Tag watch, bad hair, cool wooden braceletWhat's on your wrist right now?Tag, braceletHave you ever stayed up all night on the phone?Yes and he was paying, ha haAre you afraid to grow up?This is as growed as it getsWho do you tend to have the most fun with?Friends and familyWhat are you listening to?People in the office whineAre you looking forward to anything?5.30 baby. Bring it on
Do you open up to people easily?Nope
Ever kissed someone who was in a relationship?Yep
Who was the last person you had a serious talk with?I’m trying not to have any of those
Do you like where you live?Yep but we’ve got a rent issue
Where did you last take a picture?Canon Bridge Roof Garden
Who will you be sleeping with tonight?Me myself and I, assuming the next bed move is a successHave you ever dated someone longer than a year?Yes but it was a LONG time agoLast car you were in belonged to the opposite sex?nope it was mine
How would you describe your love life last August?As ever, nothing to write home aboutWhat is your favourite board game?I don’t really like board games. In any way whatsover.What are you doing tomorrow?work, boxing, sleep
Have you ever kissed anyone whose name started with N?probably. It’s not like I list them, like we did in school.Are you currently worried about anyone or anything?Many many things. Some deadly serious, others total junk.
What's bothering you right now?I can’t get no sleep
Do you hate the last girl you had a conversation with?ha ha ha ha I plead the fifth
Do you think anyone's thinking about you right now?I would say probably not.
Not exclusively.
I was just thinking to myself that I would like to be the most important thing to someone.
Some hope.
Do you hate your ex?I don’t have an ex. I find all that a bit weird. It implies an ongoing relationship of a particular nature.
I have a couple of old mates that I went out with in the dark ages. And a couple of blokes that I once went out with and
Last person you called?The office to say I’d be 5 mins late
What are you planning on doing after this?drinking a cup of tea

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