Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lovefool 2009 or there's no fool like an old fool

When things get you twice, it's sort of your own fault, isn't it?

it's not like you didn't know what was coming.
But there you go.

He gazed into my 'golden' eyes.
He was funny and entertaining. And muscley.
And i tried not to think 'hmm, could this finally be going somewhere?'

But he is also, as it turns out, listed as engaged to someone else on Facebook.

To paraphrase Radiohead 'you do it to yourself, you do, that's what really hurts'.

Fortunately, I shall toss my beautiful bed hair (think glamorised Russell Brand on a lady) and bat the lashes of my golden eyes, and move on to the next thing.

(although i may gnash my teeth somewhat in private because i'm sure that i'm not wholly deluded and that he is in fact into me, for all the difference that makes).

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