Monday, January 18, 2010

Me and mini me - what the future could hold

Sooooooooo, una amiga is going to become casada this year. Cue confetti or at least rose petals.

But also, me and Number One Bestest Girl on parade.

Apparently she (aged 6) feels that matching outfits are the way to go.

But there could be a snag as this is her idea of cool dressing:

(insert picture of Disney Princesses here seeing as blogger won't)

And this is mine....

(insert picture of tank girl in a bra top and cut offs, swinging a baseball bat here, seeing as blogger still won't)

But it's ok, because mummy says there'll be NO matching of the dresses.

So all i have to do now is get in shape.
Which is a bit of a bride concern i know but seriously there are some pictures of me on Facebook from Tenerific time pre-Xmas, where i'd had gastro the whole of the week before and i swear, i'm exerting my own gravitational pull.
I'm channelling Nessa and i mean right down to the arms. all i need's a welsh dragon tattoo and i'm good to go. (NB for anyone not in UK, Nessa is in Gavin and Stacey and you might need a Brit frame of reference to get it)
Dirty great bruise on my arm and a vest top. all bad. note to self : the arms need to stay under cover.

But i digress. back to thinking about how cool it will be to hang with my ladies and stand up with them and stuff. Just please - no papparazzi.

The block is calling me.

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