Wednesday, May 19, 2010

people are people so why should it be

you and I should get along so awfully?

Well, I've thought about it and I can tell you why in three reasons:

1) you work very hard at not getting on with me but in stealth and underhand ways as you haven't got the cojones to front me.
Unlucky, I'm not to big to say that I made a mistake LAST AUGUST with a tiny bit of filing and that since i was picked up on it in OCTOBER, I haven't done it again. Really, if it's taken you that long to find it, it begs the question - didn't you have any real work to do? Still though, I did it, I admit it and I'm even sorry for it.

2) you're obviously a very unhappy person and you'd like to share that around. well done, once again you have.

3) i do not, have not and will not kiss up to you. Live with it. It's not going to happen. You can however keep it up and make yourself look mean, small minded and petty.

You upset me. It's true. I wish it weren't so but I'm quite at a loss to understand how I've engendered such hostility in you.
Unless it's because I eat. Every day. At least three times.
That's all i can come up with.

Still though, I feel Ghandhi about it.
this is my other cheek.
I present it to you.

But please note, it's for the LAST time.

Peace out people, let's share the joy in life and put the petty woes behind us wherever we can

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