Sunday, January 06, 2013

2013 already

Blimey, did I really go that many months without posting?  that's insane.
Well dear readers, here's hoping 2012 was a belter.

What  I regret in 2012:
I regret not exploring more of Mexico coz of my weekend class. I don't regret them, they were sound human beings, with  no concept of time keeping whatsoever, but hey, there we go.

I regret not having a Tardis so I could zip between continents and events at will.

I regret not speaking more espanol to my fine Mexifriends earlier in Year One of Mexican living, coz then I would have kick ass Spanish by now, instead of above average.

That's it. I ain't really big on the regrets.
I like the Angelou take on it.

So 2013 needs to be sin disculpas.

That is all.

Peace out.

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