Thursday, July 26, 2007

back to me

just in case anyone actually thinks that i think that my old mate's wedding is all about me, i don't really.
my life is all about me, and i live it in detail but actually, outside of the cyber realm i'm relatively (not always coz i'm only human) good at having a broader world picture.

like CB's littley has been v. sick in hospital. having established that, i've been broadcasting positive feelings and support and hugs and all good things at him. not that i don't always feel that way, just that sometimes we need to focus a bit. (this is more on the psychic front but i'm staying veiled).

and it's defo worked as i've had a bunch of texts this morning. which is all good. and the little one is on the mend and will be restored to fully functional train fanaticism in no time, insh allah, god willing, blessed be - whatever flavour you like your mumbo of jumbo.

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