Wednesday, July 25, 2007

i'm so vain, i definitely think this song is about me

and now that i've said yes to attending the evening do of my old mucker's wedding, i am now, already, turning my thoughts to the dress of my dreams, in which i can look stunning and wowsers, without being over or under dressed or looking lumpy or being in too pale a colour(bride) or too bright a colour (look at ME!).
it's all a bit of a precipice really.
i might have to go to Debenhams and just look for anything that's in my size and try it on, as a starting point.

and there's also the crash dieting between now and then and the over exercising.
on the one hand, that's about the Great North Run and being prepared and lighter to put in a good performance.

and on the other hand it's about being one of the few single thirty somethings i know in a malestrom of recently married couples.

it's now beholden on me to not come across as:
a) unmarried due to lesbianism (not that i think that would be a bad thing, just that it's a trite explanation for Daily Mail readers in the congregation)
b) unmarried due to large wobbly bottom and tum
c) unmarried due to toxic personality
d) unmarried due to lack of offers.

d) is obviously playing its particular part however it must be said that i have had two offers, they've been fairly spaced out (over a decade in between) and they have both come from absolutely corking men.
the first one's health went a bit pete tong and put the kibosh on things and the second on is on hold for 2 years as i feel he is but a babe in the world.

Bizarre isn't it. i'm only an evening guest and whilst i own that i wouldn't want to be the bride for a gold pig, i do still wish to be the attractive, vivacious, stunningly dressed evening wedding attendee.
perhaps it's sad.
but i feel like i need to fly that flag for the people that aren't sure that settled is the future.

ooo the pressure.

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dodo said...

how grown up. how civilised. being invited to an ex's wedding.

you are always the belle of the ball, you just don't know it. xxxx