Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Being alone // Giraffes

The other night i was awake til all hours thinking about what will happen to me, in my personal relationship world, barren and devoid of occupants as it is.
in particular I was wondering what will become of me when i don't have parents anymore and it's just me.

it doesn't make for comforting sleep time.
And yet it's inevitable.

And it still doesn't make me feel like putting my eggs in anyone's basket.

I'm rubbish at that sort of business, i never go anywhere to meet anyone and it just seems like a big load of hassle that i don't need.

Plus i'm over weight, selfish and a control freak.

Did I sell myself yet?

Oh yeah, i'm a prodigious underachiever too.

But all this moaning aside, don't you think Reese Witherspoon is pretty?
I watched Walk the Line again yesterday.
She's ace.

I'm also partial to giraffes and have done a little bit of research on them today too. They are ugulates, which means they have hooves. And that they walk evenly on tip toes.
They also have a heart that's 2 ft long and weighs 60 pound. Maybe i'm a giraffe. No scratch that, i'm not tall enough, coz even the babies are generally 6 ft.

I want to right a slasher horror book.
i'm currently doing mild research for that too.
i've got various ideas for the brutal side of things, it's the solving part that is less clear.
i'm thinking something a little like Tommy and Tuppence in the Agatha Christie novels, only based on me and the Divine Mr M, who recently absconded to parts Canuck.

It should be smashing, as soon as I figure it out, with much maudlin moping than here.

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